Testserver is now closed!

Beta is now closed, thanks for participating!

Welcome to the Metin2 Testserver!

Dear users,
The Beta server is open!

This time there are no limited registrations, everyone can register and get an account.

Here are the official boards for the test:

What you can experience in this beta

  • Maps
    • 1 new dungeon containing 2 new maps + a boss room from level 95 on
  • Game mechanics
    • Dice system to order loot in between group members
    • Shopsearch function to check multiple shops in one UI
  • Gear
    • 4 new armors per class
    • 2 new shoes
  • Character
    • Increased level cap to 120
    • 7th skill for each class
    • 8th skill for each class
  • General
    • EXP-changes
  • Quest
    • New dungeonquest

Thank you for your interest in participating in the beta testing.

Your Metin2 Team